Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thoughts on writing, TV drama, tone, form, et al.

Most of my blog post lately have been clips that caught my eye on the web. Haven't had a lot to say about writing - too busy writing, teaching writing and generally bumbling along. In case there's anyone still reading Vicious Imagery for thoughts on things writing-related, here are links to twelve blogposts you might find useful. Onwards!

On getting an agent

Writers are owed nothing

Playing with form and tone

Kill your darlings. Do it now

Breaking a story with Post-Its

When stories aren't ready to write

How I became a TV drama writer

Writing for free - a necessary evil?

Treaments - an opportunity, not a chore

Not who you know, it's who knows you

Scripts mostly go unmade, and often unread

Are postgrad writing courses worth the money?

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