Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten years today since John Thaw died

Hard to believe it's ten years today since the great British actor John Thaw died. He was well known for his work on TV series as Redcap in the 1960s and The Sweeney in the 1970s, but I most treasure his performance as Inspector Morse from 1987-2000.

Thaw was a huge part of Morse's success, along with sterling support on screen from Kevin Whately as Sergeant Lewis, and behind the scenes from some outstanding writers and directors like Julian Mitchell, Anthony Minghella, Danny Boyle and John Madden.

It was the TV incarnation of Morse that got me reading the original novels by Colin Dexter, and inspired me to write The Complete Inspector Morse. Titan Books recently published a fifth edition, prove that Dexter's creations still remain popular.

There's a new Morse on TV now with Shaun Evans stepping into Thaw's shoes as a much younger Morse in Endeavour. A one-off special last month was a big hit for ITV, and a full series of Endeavour will be made later this year for broadcast early in 2013.

But Thaw's BAFTA-winning performance as Morse endures, thanks to constant repeats on ITV3. Hopefully someone will restore all 33 eps and release them on Blu-Ray. In the meantime, here's a poignant clip from 'Twilight of the Gods'. Rest in peace, John Thaw.

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