Monday, August 27, 2007

Virgin Comics Dare to be Dan [not desperate]

Variety reports that Virgin Comics has acquiring the publishing, TV, movie and computer games rights to British icon Dan Dare. The Pilot of the Future will be laughed in a new title written by former 2000 AD scribe Garth Ennis, with a feature film in development. Variety says the new four-colour thriller will have Dare emerge from exile into a post-war world where much of North America and Asia have been wiped out, leaving the UK as Earth's last superpower. A reprint compilation is planned for October to herald the new Dare comic.

Elsewhere artist Chris Weston's been working on designs for a range of Dan Dare action figures, as he's detailed on his blog. Hmm, I wonder if these two stories could be in any way related? And what sort of Dan Dare can we expect from Ennis and Virgin Comics? Grim and gritty? Bitter and twisted? Or something more akin to the Dare-in' do boys' action-adventure hero Dan was back in the 1950s?

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