Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chuck: better than I expected

I've got a mental busy three days ahead of three, followed by three more crazed days of business. Writing feature after feature, zapping to Glasgow and back for a radio interview for a documentary about the history of iconic British comic 2000 AD, got to sort out a cashflow problem with the bank [yes, regular readers, I still haven't been paid by anyone - the running tab of outstanding invoices is now up to £4000 and growing]. Got to read, revise and rewrite the final project for my screenwriting MA. Got to find time to pack before flying to Cardiff on Friday first thing for the TAPS continuing drama workshop (Nations variant). Argh. Argh. Argh.

In the meantime, I commend to you a new comedy drama series launching on US TV next month. Didn't have high expectations of Chuck, as the premise sounded flat and lifeless on the page, but the pilot's great fun. Nobel prizes for literature will not be won, but it's an enjoyable romp. My advice: watch out for Chuck. And for chuck, come to think of it. Later.

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