Sunday, August 26, 2007

Seriocity is all I ever need

Spent far too much time in recent days enjoying Seriocity, the blog of American TV writer Kay Reindl. Legend has it she got her start after posting some biting comments about the series Millennium online. Showrunner Chris Carter got in touch and challenged her to do better. Reindl did, and sold a script to the series. She's got other credits, including freelance episodes for The Dead Zone.

In her blog she speaks all kinds of harsh truths and opinions about the state of current pop culture [Harry Potter and Heroes both take a bashing], how hard it is to get an idea pithced, sold, turned into a pilot script and filmed, let alone picked up for series. Plus she's quite the Anglophile [and even Kiwiphile] for music, so that wins points.

I heart this particular post, which links to a site where you can download four of Reindl's pilot scripts. I've only read Town Called Malice, but this particular exchange sold it for me. It features rock chick Eliza taking her rebellious teenage daughter Nico to church for the first time. Nico gets up to take communion...
ELIZA (whispering):
What are you doing?

Getting some body of Christ. I'm starving.

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Scott said...

Kay wrote a bunch of XF fan fiction, started interacting with XF producer Jim Wong online, and when Wong and his partner, Glen Morgan, took over Millennium for its second season, she and her partner Erin Maher got a staff position.

As far as I know, Chris Carter had absolutely nothing to do with it.