Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Detente. Montage. Chocolate Mousse.

Lucy Vee has kindly answered some of my questions about the best use and practise when it comes to montage in screenplays. See what she had to say by visiting her blog here. Meanwhile, another correspondent in the blogosphere tells me the TAPS script editing course is looking likely for October this year, but exact dates and details are still being firmed up. The cost for that should be under £300, including VAT - a bargain compared to the only other professional script editing course in Britain, run by the BBC [a snip at £700]. I emailed the BBC Training website a month ago to find out when their next course was and never got a reply. But the relevant page on their site now says:
At present there are no dates scheduled for this course. If you're interested in attending please contact with your name, the name of the course and your contact details. We'll add you to a waiting list and get in touch once dates are confirmed. Alternatively check back here for further updates.
So, I guess it's the TAPS course or nothing.

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