Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More on montages: eyedropper of doom

Hollywood screenwriter John August also has a handy bit about montage formats for screenplays on his site. Being a bear of very little brain, I managed to completely misinterpret the following:-

MONTAGE as Mary chases after the dog, trying to put in the eyedrops. Every time she has him cornered, he manages to escape, ducking under the coffee table or vaulting over the bed.
In my addled brain, I got this image of Mary chasing after the dog while trying to put eyedrops in her own eyes. Do one thing at the time, I thought, don't cripple yourself by multi-tasking! Then I realised she was probably trying to put the drops in the dog's eyes.

Like I said, a bear of very little brain.

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Pete Kempshall said...

Made the same mistake when I read it. In my defence, I've only just woken up :)