Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Girls Aloud, Golden Brown & Clare Grogan's scar

It's both fascinating and worrying to discover what google searches have brought people to this blog. Traffic's doubled in the last few weeks - so why have people stumbled across Vicious Imagery? What were they really looking for? Here's a ten 10 of recent reasons, in no particular order...

The Girls Aloud video for Jump
The late, great letterer Tom Frame
Golden Brown texture like sun
Sometimes it Snows in April
Vicious movie
Suskind perfume imagery
Hawaii 5-0 theme tune
Cast list for BBC drama Sorted
"random facts to impress people with"
and, most worryingly, Clare Grogan's scar

What next? Shania Twain and wooden legs? Sex magic and the theme tune to Button Moon? Amputation fetish monkey spaniel Lily Allen shock horror cruelty?

The mind boggles. One search I do not understand at all. Can anybody explain 'show Street Hawk theme' for me? Plesae?


Barry said...

Please please please let there be a site about Shania Twain and wooden legs.

Matthew Cochrane said...

My blog still receives many hits about the Shania Twain and wooden leg thing. Apparently there was a rumour at some point that she had one, which was supposed to explain why you never saw her legs.

Misheard lyrics seem to be a good way to raise traffic, I have a steady stream looking for "Somebody once told me the world was macaroni."

Strange are the ways of Google. Stranger are the ways of Yahoo.

Anonymous said...

About "Clare Grogan's scar"... I just watched the video for "Happy Birthday" and I wanted to know where it came from. I eventually found a document that explained it but I think your site was a higher hit.

daveches said...

Clare had a super little voice. Quite vulnerable and perky. I don't know about her scar.

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