Friday, July 21, 2006

Fox Atomic Comics: Spilling the beans

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Fox Atomic Comics COO John Hegeman, talking about what the company has planned for the future. It's already commissioned Steve Niles to create a graphic novel that acts as a prequel for the forthcoming film 28 Weeks Later, and another adapting short stories by horror writer Thomas Ligotti, called The Nightmare Factory. Best news of all, FAC will be looking at submissions - a rare choice in US comics these days. No doubt they'll be swamped in seconds, so if you've a mind to hit them up for work, don't be tardy when the floodgates open. You can here the full interview here, but this extract describes what FAC is looking to publish:
Fox Atomic in general will be making horror, comedy and action movies - we'll be making all sorts of movies. When it comes to graphic novels, we'll probably be focusing on horror and thrillers. For no other reason than I think they're the ones that work the best and are the most fun to read and the audience for those are the most avid and we think we can build a strong relationship by leading with that focus.

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