Friday, July 21, 2006

Death-Match 2008: James Bond versus Iron Man

James Bond will be going hed to head with Marvel Comics' Iron Man in cinemas, come May 2nd 2008. Variety reports that date has been selected for opening day of the as-yet untitled 22nd film in the Bond franchise. Previously, only one other film had been given a specific release date for 2008 - Iron Man. It'll be interesting to see who blinks first. My money's on Marvel. Iron Man is the company's first fully self-funded feature, so there's a lot fo stake, and the character is hardly known outside the comics industry. That was true of Blade, of course, but everybody knows what a vampire is, don't they? Iron Man's role as a techno-Batman is a tougher sell, IMHO.

Sony and MGM are obviously feeling pretty confident in Casino Royale. The 21st Bond movie doesn't open until this November, but the filmmakers have already contracted Daniel Craig to repeat his starring role as 007. No title for the 22nd Bond film has been announced yet. Having now exhausted all the titles Ian Fleming created for his novels, I suppose Eon could borrow from the Bond short stories. But most of these have already been pillaged, leaving only four original Fleming titles from which to choose. Come 2008, will the cinemas be featuring The Property of a Lady [I don't think so], Risico [probably not], Quantum of Solace [great title, but for a Bond film?] or The Hildebrand Rarity [well, maybe]. Call me old fashioned, but why not call the movie simply 007?

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