Sunday, March 05, 2006

Trailer for my new SJS audio now online

Big Finish has updated its website today and the trailer for the third Sarah Jane Smith audio can now be accessed online [click the headline on this posting to discover more. You can see Lee Binding's stunning cover art for Fatal Consequences directly above, another lovely piece of design. The trailer's a gem too - creepy, intriguing and suspenseful. This particular story was the only one from this quartet of tales for which I managed to attend the recording. [You can read my impressions of that day in the studio by visiting November 2005 in this blog's archives.]

In other news, the second of my new SJS audios - Snow Blind - has now been released and is attracted positive notices. I haven't actually heard it yet myself, due to the vagaries of the postal system and suchlike. [What a wonderfull word suchlike is, almost as satisfying to type as somesuch. I wonder if they're related?] Meanwhile, I'm wading through four set texts, as homework for a module called Writing for Interactive on my MA course. Thus far David Freeman's Creating Emotion in Games seems the best of the bunch - shame it's also the longest!

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...the plane brooch is back, cool.