Monday, March 06, 2006

Lesson of the Day: Do Unto Others

I like to think I was brought up well, taught to respect others and treat them as I would like to be treated. Alas, I managed to shame myself over the weekend by posting an ill-informed and thoughtless comment online. Let's not to go into the details of how and where, as that only helps propogate and compound my assinine stupidity. Suffice to say, I forgot to think before I hit the send button. I guess I could blame the speed with which the internet allows you to put both feet into your mouth, but that's no excuse. The medium is not at fault, I am. All I can do is apologise - which I have - and try to learn from my mistake. I doubt the person whose work and integrity I impugned is reading this, but if they are: I'm truly sorry.

When I watch films and TV programmes, I've always hated it when there's a neat little homily worked into the story's conclusion. I prefer that episode of The Simpsons where - IIRC - the family ends up with a big, stone head in their living room. Marge is trying to tease a moral from recent events, but Homer keeps shooting down her attempts. He says something like, 'Maybe there is no moral. Maybe it's just a bunch of stuff that happens!' That's tended to be my approach to life - it's a bunch of stuff that happens. Judging by my online blunder, I need to pay more attention when people explain the moral of the story...

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