Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fiends 3, Rest of the World 0

Author's copies of the final book in my Fiends of the Eastern Front trilogy have arrived [see above]. Twilight of the Dead isn't officially published for another couple of months, so the book turning up with an unexpected bonus. Bizarrely, it completes my big publications for 2006 - and we haven't even finished May yet. I've got plenty of comics work coming out over the next few months - Fiends: Stalingrad in the Megazine has another seven episodes, and several issues of The Phantom scripted by me will see print later in the year. But in terms of books and audios, that's me done for 2006.

This year I've got three novels published [Fiends 2 and 3, my third and final Nikolai Dante novel], my Inspector Morse guide book and four Sarah Jane Smith audio dramas. The work on most of these was done last year, but they're all been published this year. So what have I got lined up next? My first radio play is now only two weeks away from being broadcast, but I'll be nagging you all to listen to that when the time comes.

There's THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD, my history of the galaxy's greatest comic, 2000 AD. That's due for publication next February, to coincide with the weekly's 30th anniversary. I'm still searching for some elusive creators - anybody knowing the whereabouts of writers Tom Tully, Alan Hebden or Michael Fleisher can contact and I'll be remarkably grateful. Several very helpful people have put me in touch with creators and editorial staff who have previously eluded me. Among my jobs for June is interviewing these people, along with some update interviews with key players in the recent history of 2000 AD. Deadline for the book: end of August.

I've got full-length proposals for two new novels to write over the next two weeks, both for tomes to be published next year. I've promised to finished scripting Fiends in Stalingrad - and, quite frankly, my bank account could do with the money they'll bring in. A friend gave me a tip about a potential job, so I need to come up with some good ideas for that. [Excuse the vagueness, but I prefer to shout about jobs once they've been contracted - once bitten, twice shy.]

I've have a short story idea selected for a prose anthology based on popular comics characters The Phantom, to be published by America's Moonstone Books. There's no great money involved, but I've been knocking on the door at Moonstone for a while, so this is a chance to show them what I can do.

I've got a couple of feelers out for potential TV writing opportunities, but remain pessimistic about these. When the inevitable rejection arrives, my hopes are more resistant to crushing if I keep them well subdued. If, by some miracle, one of these chances turns into something meaningful, the surprise will be all the more pleasant.

Having had such a great learning experience on my first radio play, I'm eager to take a crack at another. I've got a good idea and some initial interest has been expressed. Now I've got to turn that into a pitch too good to turn down.

Bearing in mind all of these things, what am I doing today? Collating my receipts in anticipation of a trip to the accountant. He's a lovely chap, but I find prepping for my annual tax return about as much fun as a trip to the dentist.

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