Tuesday, May 23, 2006

According to the BBC, I'm an "Emerging Writer"

Here's the advance publicity blurb from BBC Radio 4 for the quintet of plays that includes my story, Ronald:

Woman's Hour Drama – Island Blue
Monday-Friday 10.45-11.00am BBC Radio 4

Nestled on a remote Scottish island, the Island Blue centre offers a total retreat from the pressures of modern life. Inside an old converted Victorian mansion, there is space to relax, meditate and soak away the aches and pains of stressful living. Outside, the windswept, bracing landscape of one of Scotland's most northwesterly islands is guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs from visitors' souls. The centre is non-denominational but encourages visitors to explore their spirituality and lifestyle.

This week's five plays tell the stories of some of the people who visit and work at the retreat. They are written by emerging writers new to radio and performed by an ensemble of talented actors based in Scotland, including Robert Softley, runner-up in the Norman Beaton Fellowship, in his first major role for radio.

Producer/David Ian Neville


Lianne said...

I'd consider it a complement indeed to be described as an emerging writer by the Beeb so well done! Looking forward to hearing it.

Lucy V said...

I got a fantastic image with "emerging writer"... Like you're in a cocoon like a butterfly and bursting on thru to the outside!

(Not sure whether comparing writers to insects is so great, though we're delicate and get squished easily!)

Well done!

Rob Spalding said...

Emerging from what?

See, Lucy and me clearly have different mindsets, she sees a butterfly, I go straight to Martin Sheen emerging from the swamp in Apocalypse Now.
Which one do you prefer?