Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A brief explanation for recent quietness on this blog

Morning all. Yes, it's been a bit quiet here lately. Thought I'd be blogging all the time after My Six Months of Writing Constantly ended, but that merely gave me a chance to dig into all the other things I've been neglecting. Result: no blog surge. I'm sure you're all learning to live with the disappointment. Here's a swift update.

Went to Glasgow last Monday to watch studio filming at Pacific Quay for one of my Nina and the Neuron episodes. I've scripted five eps for the new series of this science show for pre-shcoolers, all based around Brilliant Bodies and human biology. It was a delight to see the show being shot and everybody made me welcome, which was nice.

I've now been paid for all my recent labours, leaving me in the odd position of not being skint. Six years ago I gave up a lucrative career hacking out media tie-ins to retrain as a screenwriter, with TV drama as my main focus. My income got cut in half while my expenses doubled. Now I'm just back in the black financially, which is nice.

Had two story pitches rejected at Doctors, but have already gotten a new one on the producer's Pile O' Doom and have another in the works. My batting average at Doctors is not great, 5-6 failed pitches for every commission. On that basis I'm nearly due another success, which would be nice. But more effort needed on my part first.

Am heading home of New Zealand for three weeks in June, which means getting a lot of ducks in a row first. The goal is to avoid taking any work with me, as it's the proper holiday for a year. Probably longer, since I spent a lot of the last holiday writing and/or stressing about writing, having taken too much on. As usual. Sigh.

Work is progressing well on my new calling card script. I'm deliberately not dashing out the first draft, as personal history suggests I write better when I take my time. The script will be my sample for the BBC Writers' Academy, assuming I'm happy to submit it. [Applications open on Monday and close four weeks later, fact-fans.]

The process is benefiting from Write Foot Forward, a coaching programme for writers advertised by the BBC writersroom for which I selected. What happens on the programme stays on the programme, but it's been illuminating and very helpful. Nice to be on the other side of the mentoring/coaching process for a change. For now - onwards!

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