Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't wait for an engraved invitation to write

Two years ago I gave myself a good scolding for waiting around in the hope of receiving an engraved invitation to become a TV drama writer. Things have been going well since then - three commissions for Doctors, got an agent, a few other irons in various fires - but it doesn't hurt to recall the FUCK THE FUTURE manifesto every now and then:
No more excuses, no more waiting for permission to write. Don't stand around talking about what you wish you were writing, or what you're planning to write in the future. Fuck the future. If you want to be a writer, make something happen by bloody writing. That's not rocket science, it's common sense - embrace reality and act on it.

Don't be content to sit on the subs' bench, waiting for somebody - a script editor, a publisher, an agent, a producer or a competition - to invite you into the game. You want to play? Get your boots on, get your freak on and get writing. The only thing stopping you from writing is you. So stop whining and get the fuck on with it. Now!


Anonymous said...

Here Here David, couldn't agreement more. I think it's too easy to make excuses, especially if they involve blaming the supposed gate keepers hindering your career.

No matter what level you are at and what aspiration you have as a writer, there is no excuse for not writing - as they say, a writer writes.

Alex said...

I'm going to remember this every time I go through the self doubt phase.

Anonymous said...

explains a lot about your writing.