Saturday, July 10, 2010

Opportunistic media spiv strikes again!

Some years ago I was the unfortunate creator of Space Girls, a less than brilliant strip that in 2000AD. Jason Brashill drew some wonderful work for the series, and writer John Tomlinson did his best to breathe life into the hollow artifice I'd created - but it was a stillborn idea. Nevertheless Space Girls got covered in the French edition of Elle, and the Guardian's Pass Notes column.

It was the latter which described Space Girls as the handiwork of an opportunistic marketing spiv. Guilty as charged. So it's time for this opportunistic marketing spiv to pimp a few forthcoming appearances, publications and outputs. On Monday July 12th I'll be on Radio Scotland's Book Cafe from around 1.15pm, talking espionage thrillers [very timely - cue Ultravox's Vienna].

From noon next Saturday, July 17th, I'll be part of the Oxfam Comics Event at McDonald Road Library in Edinburgh. Myself, Frank Quitely, Gordon Rennie and others will be discussing how a comic goes from idea to publication. Should be a fascinating session, only £3 to get in. Below is a photo from last year's event, taken by James Mcconnell. No, I can't explain what I'm doing.

The script for my second episode of DOCTORS has now officially been locked. 'Wasted Trip' is due for broadcast by BBC1 on Thursday, November 18th this year. [Don't worry, there's no doubt I'll remind you about that nearer the time.] Two more episodes for Doctors and the BBC considers me an experienced writer, with my rates effectively going up 25%. Which is nice.

I've got another story of the day already banked, awaiting commission, and three more lurking in a pile waiting to be read. I learn so much more from every draft of every script, I can't wait to do more. But writing TV drama requires lashings of patience and persistence, you have to play the long game. I'm already developing a fistful of new ideas for the show.

The radio play and online game I co-wrote are out at the end of next month. Legacy is a two-part radio drama for BBC7, with the first part scripted by the lovely Louise Ironside. I scripted part two, due for broadcast on Sunday August 29th. An online game exploring elements of the narrative goes live at the same, complementing and enriching the Legacy experience.

I've got other writing projects on the go, but nothing I can discuss here - sorry. Then there's my part-time teaching at Edinburgh Napier University. It may be the summer trimester, but work doesn't stop. Graduating students are writing their major projects, and I'm supervising four of them. Part-time students still get mentoring over the summer, if wanted.

We've been busy interviewing applicants for the new cohort that starts September 9th, both full-timers and part-timers. Some exciting prospects there. Plus we are hard at work refining and enhancing the modules for our second year of teaching. The first year of teaching went incredibly well, but we want to make the next round of modules even better. Onwards!

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