Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me wittering on Newsnight Scotland

Last week The Times in Scotland ran a piece about the new creative writing MA course I'm helping set up and teach at Edinburgh Napier University [22 days until our first cohort arrives]. That prompted Newsnight Scotland to put together a segment on efforts to make art both creative and financially rewarding. A reporter and cameraman came round the house to film me for this [so I spent much of the day tidying as a result].

The segment was due to air last Wednesday, but got bumped by a flurry of news over the man imprisoned for the Lockerbie incident. Next day I came home to an apologetic message, the segment was rescheduled for Tuesday the 18th. Fast forward to yesterday and I'd completely forgotten about my TV appearance, thanks to a piece of good news that was occupying all my brain capacity [that news will get announced here soon].

So I wasn't watching when the segment ran last night. Anyone in the UK who's interested can catch it via iPlayer for the next few days [not sure those outside the UK can]. The segment starts about twelve minutes into the show, and my chunk can be found at about 14:25. Features a big, fat visual plug for THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD, my book detailing the history of iconic British comic 2000 AD, which is nice. Thanks, BBC Scotland!

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