Saturday, August 15, 2009

Love this Big Finish advertising image

You may consider this a completely gratuitous plug for the Doctor Who audio drama Enemy of the Daleks - so be it. But I stumbled across the Big Finish ad for its 2009 mini-season of 7th Doctor plays, and couldn't resist it. [Want to find out more? You can download the first episode of Enemy for just 99 pence.] Here endeth the hype.


MerseyMal said...

I loved the pacing of this story which builds up the excitement and sense of danger and feeling of being in a place under siege and keeps it there til the end.

Bad Andy said...

Just re-listened to Enemy of the Daleks and it is very good; one or two dodgy performances aside. I'm not usually a daleks fan, but I like this. You should be very happy with it.