Monday, June 01, 2009

Phew, what a scorcher [etc]

Blimey, is it summer? Three days of sunshine in a row normally constitutes summer in Scotland, so this week could well be this year's summer and parts of 2010 as well. Having said that, the last two years have had crap summers, so perhaps this is belated compensation. Whatever the facts, it is another glorious day outside - the perfect time to be a writer, indoors, with a deadline looming. No, hang on, that doesn't sound right at all...

Hello, yes, I'm back. May was a bit of a madcap month, hence the absence of blog postings here at Vicious Imagery. I did get a week's holiday in the middle, but even that turned into a busman's vacation. But don't cry for me, Marge and Tina, I'm feeling refreshed and revitalised. All manner of bibblings and babblings to be expected in the coming days, as is my want. [Or is it my wont?] Just as soon as I remember how to type properly.

The first half of May was utterly slammed, thanks to plenty of deadlines, both with my own writing and my part-time job lecturing at Edinburgh Napier University. Couple of exciting new projects popped up that may or may not be occupying me in months to come. Did the final draft on a 60-minute talking book audio script. I can't talk about it yet, but there's a listing up on if you hunt about using my name as a search clue.

My Doctor Who audio drama Enemy of the Daleks was released and has been getting lots of praise on various fan forums - which is nice. I'd written a dozen different projects for Big Finish, so it was a joy to finally get the chance to script a four part story for the main Doctor Who range. You can find out more about Enemy of the Daleks here, even download the first episode for the bargain basement price 99 pence - now that's value!

Spent most of a week in the French countryside on holiday, except for a madcap dash back to the UK for a 90-minute audience with Tony Jordan. Yes, I was one of the runners-up in the Red Planet Prize competition. You can read Jason Arnopp's report about our session here, so that saves me writing about it any further. Alas, I didn't get to the pub with my fellow scribes afterwards, as Paris beckoned [at least it wasn't burning].

Got back from holiday in time to write the third draft of an academic paper about the interrelationship between Doctor Who prose fiction and the new television series. then jumped on yet another plane [my carbon footprint now stretches so far I'm surprised I still need planes to travel] to Belgium. Delivered my paper at a conference in Leuven. Spent yesterday recovering from a bonkers, madcap kind of month. End to end stuff.

And now it's June. Have got the third draft of my Lighthouse project script to write, that's first priority. Had hoped to do that before going on holiday, but life, other work and the need to totally rethink my story scuppered that plan. Now I feel ready to start writing again. In fact, I'm itching to write. Seems like far too long since I did some actual creating, after academic and schematic scribblings. Let imagination be unleashed. Onwards!



It's great when you can't wait to start a new creative project isn't it David?

As I say in the header over at mine "Believe in your ideas. Set your Imagination free."

P.S. That red Dr poster is awesome! Know I probably should know, but where is it from?

Jim Campbell said...

Good to have you back at the blog, Mr Bishop. At the risk of sounding like a creep, I've missed your posts.

Oh, and I spotted the Goodies reference there, too.