Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Hmm, Eccles cake

Been re-watching the first series of newWho, starring Christopher Eccleston [or Christopher EcclesCake, as he's more commonly known in our front room. Hmm, Eccles Cake - is there nothing it can't do?]. Gosh, kind of forgotten how good the 9th Doctor was. David Tennant's tenure has taken the show to new levels of success, but Eccleston did a stunning job - and from a standing start. Funny, moving, fractured, hurt and very, very human.

Somewhere in Cardiff they've probably begun filming Matt Smith's tenure as the 11th Doctor. There's still three specials to come starring David Tennant's Doctor, not to mention a double-episode appearance on The Sarah Jane Adventures - but the end is nigh for the mockney Doc with the quiff that wouldn't quit. What will the new incumbent of the TARDIS be like? I havenae got a Scooby. Old man in a young man's body would be my best guess.

Not sure if we'll plunge on into the Tennant era on the home viewing front. Waiting on season three of Friday Night Lights, coming from America on DVD, along with fondly recalled university series The Paper Chase. Maybe a movie or two as a palate-cleanser. Watched Anatomy of a Murder for the first time on Sunday - cracking film! Should anyone play a remake, I recommend Hugh Laurie for Jimmy Stewart's role - perfect casting IMHO.

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Anonymous said...

I can only assume the writing on the 'new' Who is going to improve. Stephen Moffat's episodes have been the stand outs in each series so far. Be glad to see the back of RTD with his pop culture gags and cheeky gay jokes.