Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting there, one step at a time

The last few weeks have been jammed, both with paying jobs and speculative writing. Got my 40th script for Egmont's Phantom comic away, the second half of a fun two-parter. Wrote the first draft of a talking book, incorporating a blizzard of metafictionality. Scripted the first draft of my Lighthouse project script, sixty pages in seven days. Plus a script report for Scottish Screen, a fistful of ideas for Doctors and grud knows what else.

But the rest of March looks even more slammed, suggesting I'll be a frizzled-frazzled mess of nothing by the time April arrives. I'm researching and writing two 120-minute lectures for an undergraduate module on contemporary Hollywood cinema. Got another day trip to Brighton and back for the Lighthouse workshop. A fistful of tutorials to lead. Rewrites loom on the talking book. Another draft of my Lighthouse script to write. And so on...

Not to mention a round trip to London for the THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD signing event at the Forbidden Planet Megastore. That's Saturday March 21st from 1pm. Loads of artists sketching, writers talking and what have you. Should be a blast!

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