Monday, March 16, 2009

Eye of the hurricane, or calm between storms

The last few weeks have been a helter skelter of deadlines, late nights and stress inducing moments. The next couple of weeks are going to be much the same, as I prep and deliver my first lectures, the creative writing MA course goes for validation and much more besides. So today and tomorrow are an oasis of calm amid the mayhem and madness. A time to catch breath, pause for thought and clear the decks of any other cliches lying around the place.

I'm going down to That Fancy London this weekend for the TPO paperback edition signing at Forbidden Planet on Saturday afternoon (1-2.30 pm, fact fans). Seeing friends later than night, but have got Sunday afternoon going spare. So, any other bloggers want to meet up for a drink and a natter on Sunday afternoon? Short notice and deadlines may make this impossible, but the comments section is open for [non-obscene] suggestions right about... now.

Decided to enter the British Short Screenplay Competition this year - a first for me. I've got a couple of scripts that fit the criteria and are never likely to get made otherwise, so the BSSC's first prize of having your screenplay produced is perfect. Something of a longshot, bearing in mind how many people enter, but still perfect. Early deadline is this Friday and I actually have the fee, so that's a job for these two days. Onwards.

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Tom Murphy said...

Hi David

Has anything come of your Sunday afternoon drink/natter plan? I'd like to say hello and blow the froth off a couple of pints. Anywhere vaguely central would be fine and dandy.