Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow, Sports and Sore Throats

The much promised snow has yet to materialise. Earlier this week the weather service was predicting an icy blast from the Arctic that would make the colder parts of Narnia look like a tropical paradise. But we're too far inland, so it's just rained a bit and been nippy round the nether regions. Probably just as well, as I'm doing a lot of coughing and spluttering. Some kindly soul has given me their cold and my throat feels like rusting razorwire.

Lovely day of sports results yesterday for an ex-pat Kiwi. Biggest upset has to be the New Zealand rugby league team beating perpetual nemesis Australia in the world cup final. Been a long, long time since they outdid that opposition, and never in a cup final. The All Blacks initially struggled against a resolute Wales team in Cardiff, before winning 29-6. Alas, the NZ cricket team couldn't complete the trifecta, losing to Australia at the Gabba.

It's another thin week here at Vicious Imagery as I'm away from tonight until Wednesday morning. Catching the sleeper train to London so I can observe the recording sessions for my Big Finish audio drama DOCTOR WHO: Enemy of the Daleks. Once I get back there's a helter skelter week of work to squeeze into three days, so don't expect long or languid posts upon my return. Sorry, folks, deadlines comes first - but I'll be thinking of you. Onwards!

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