Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I. Am. Waiting for the [Snow]Man

The weather service has been making ominous noises about the first substantial blast of winter, coming by the end of this week. Wind directions are due to change Thursday night or during Friday, so our weather comes from due north i.e. the Arctic. That means a sudden dip in temperatures from recent mild days [8-12 degrees in... err... Centigrade? Farenheit? Can never remember which one's which]. Plus biting wind chill, Maybe even some snow.

We did get snow flurries for about five minutes one day in October, part of a week-long cold snap that didn't come to much. I've yet to have a serious effort getting ice off the car first thing. But sounds like that's about to change. The good news is we've had the chimney swept, so a roaring fire is available. The bad news we don't have any fuel in hand for said fire. A trip to buy some fossil fuels is probably in order. Hmm, fossil fuels.

In other news, I'm headed down to Brighton tomorrow for day three of the Lighthouse screenwriting for television workshop. The story so far: six ideas for a new drama series were pitched, developed and re-pitched. One was chosen for further development, a lot of which took place a fortnight ago. Since then we've each been working up two characters and three story-of-the-day ideas for this putative TV series. Tomorrow it'll be time to review.

As a consequence there won't be much blog action round here the next day or two. Such is life. Oh, almost forgot to say - first Christmas presents of the year arrived yesterday! If that seems wildly early, well, they did come from New Zealand. When you're posting stuff halfway round the world, sending early to err on the side of caution is deffo the sensible option. So, a big shout-out to Dad and Catherine for the Kiwi goodies. Onwards!


Jason Arnopp said...

Oh, sir. I never had you down as a "deffo" man. I am frankly crestfallen.

Anonymous said...

I think 8-12 degrees Fahrenheit is the sort of temperature even polar bears complain about (water freezes at 32F).
Let's hope it doesn't drop any lower eh, or your fingers will drop off and you'll never blog again.

Lucy said...

I suspect he got "deffo" from me, Jase. Though you have spelt it incorrectly FFS.