Friday, August 08, 2008

Sigh. It's the Olympics. Again

Much as I enjoy watching sport [and, Grud help me, even taking part sometimes], the Olympics always come tinged with a sadness for me. Let's leave aside the Jamie Hewlett animation that's been omni-present on the BBC for weeks on end - it was enjoyable the first few times, but irritating as f**k ever since. Let's ignore the fact I'm living in the UK which makes it almost impossible to see Kiwi competitors in action, unless they're alongside a Brit.

No, my melancholy dates back to the Seoul Olympics in 1988. My mother was dying from liver cancer at the time, diagnosis coming way too late to make any difference. Watching the sporting endeavours and exuberance on TV was a welcome diversion, something to take your mind off the reality of what was coming. But ever since then, I can't help associating the Olympics with that loss. What should be a thing of joy is also a thing of sadness.

Thinking of you, mum.


Edward Kaye said...

Hi David,

It is always upsetting when we associate something that we once enjoyed with a sad occasion. I'm very sorry for you. I hope you are still able to get some enjoyment out of the events without the sad reminder.

I've been trying to avoid the Olympic coverage myself this time around. I'm a British Citizen living in Canada, and the Canadian media seem delusional about how good their athletes are. They seem to think they are going to win ALL the golds this time. I can't remember the Canadians ever creating a big dent in the Summer Olympics previously!

The patriotism is over-whelming, and it doesn't help that we have the winter Olympics in two years. I am in Victoria, which is near to Vancouver, where they will be held. If people are this excited now, I can't imagine what it is going to be like in 2010, I might have to go and live in a cave :)

Best Wishes,

Edward Kaye

David Bishop said...

Hi Edward,

I know how you feel. I emigrated from New Zealand to avoid the Commonwealth Games. Now the bloody things are coming to Glasgow in 2014 - preceded by the London Olympics in 2012.

You can have too much of a thing.