Thursday, August 07, 2008

Perverted vegetable rodeo cake shock

Oh. My. Grud. Just been sent a link and have to share it. Cake Wrecks features photos of the most extraordinary cakes you're ever likely to see. The above horror show beggars belief, for example. Why so many babies on one cake? Why do the babies have Mohawk haircuts? And why - whywhywhywhywhy - are they all riding carrots? Sometimes, words just fail me.


John said...

That is scary..... and I'm sorry, but babies... on carrots... isn't that a bit phallic and inappropriate??

Anyway, I sent you an email to your gmail address which I found on your blog profile, but maybe you didn't receive it? I wanted to bend your ear a bit about the TAPS continuing drama - Nations course. I've just got a place on it and wanted to know more, if you have the time. Let me know. I can leave you my email address here if the other email didn't arrive.



Rob said...

There is another question arising from your cake... Someone designed it; someone else liked the design; another person made it and somebody liked it enough to take a photo of it.
What the frick is wrong with these people??!