Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bish-OP vs the Anne-Droid

I'm a contestant on The Weakest Link this afternoon, due for broadcast at 5.15pm on BBC1. It's nearly three months since I went to Pinewood for the filming, and I've managed to forget most of what happened on the day - so I've been kind of looking forward to seeing the finished show. Having watched people make tits on themselves on The Apprentice last night, I'm dreading my on-screen humiliation.

Will try and get some work done today, but I suspect creeping fear will consume most of the hours between now and 5.15pm. It's like spending an entire day in the waiting room of a dentist, knowing there's no escape from the inevitable. Oh well. I'm going down That Fancy London first thing tomorrow and won't be back until late on Monday, but will blog some post-show comments later. Wish me luck.


Tom said...

Wishing you luck seems moot as you already know the result. Normally I'd avoid this as if it were a ten-ton truck careening out of control down a very narrow alleyway towards me but I may make an exception tonight. Or at least, I'll get it on iPlayer as I won't be home in time to see it live, as it were.

Jonathan Green said...

Good luck.

Your Weakest Link appearance is actually the first thing that I've set our brand new Sky+ box to record, so wish me luck too.

Jason Arnopp said...

I'm watching. But there's a bloke called David who looks nothing like you! I'm disturbed.

al rutherford said...

You're a master of disguise, Dave! Which one were you then?