Monday, February 25, 2008

Triumphant return for Morse spin-off Lewis

Lewis returned to British TV last night for its second series, and hit the ground running with a strong episode by Alan Plater. The partnership of DI Lewis [Kevin Whately] and DS Hathaway [Laurence Fox] has gelled, both characters sparking off each other in a different way from how Lewis and Morse worked together. It's more of a collaboration, less of a mentor and pupil relationship. Lots of humorous asides, as you'd expect from a great writer of comedy and drama like Plater, and a mystery just as twisty-turny as anything Inspector Morse ever tackled. Quality.

No real surprises at the Academy Awards, with the BAFTAs having correctly presaged most every Oscar. A bit night for non-American actors with foreigners stealing all the limelight, while the Coen brothers got three nods for No Country For Old Men. Lovely to see charming Irish musical Once pick up two awards for its songs, and no surprise that Diablo Cody won best original screenplay for her debut effort, Juno. That's a dream come true for every wannabe film scribe around the world. I'd be seething with jealousy if the award wasn't so well deserved. Right, got a meeting in Glasgow today and I'm off to That Fancy London tomorrow for an overnighter, so must dash.

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