Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just Can't Get Enough [New Releases]

Time was I used to rush to the nearest comic shop on a Thursday, because Thursday was new comics day. Time was I used to rush to the nearest megastore on a Monday, because Monday was new release day for DVDs or CDs [or VHS or LPs, for the elderly amongst you]. Now I heart Tuesdays, because Tuesday is new release day on iTunes. New albums, new singles, new EPs, all available for aural browsing in 30 second blipverts.So what did I download this week?

The only album I bought in its entirety was Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack for Oscar-nominated film There Will Be Blood. The Radiohead member has created a disturbed, string-laden score that demands to be heard. Apparently his score wasn't eligible for an Academy Award, which seems a shame considering how compelling it is. I've been waiting for this release since first hearing the music on There Will Be Blood's trailer last year. Now it is mine.

What else? The new k.d. lang album is out, but only two tracks stood out - Flame of the Uninspired and Upstream. iTunes is over One [Blake's Got a New Face] by Vampire Weekend for free this week, so that got added to my library. The much-hyped Adele's album is out but Hometown Glory was the only track that leapt out at me. Bought a new song called Good Bad Boy by Joe Jackson. It sounds very Ben Folds, but Jackson was having hits when Folds was still playing with his GI Joe.

Singer and actress Ute Lemper has vamped up Moon Over Bourbon Street by Sting, that got my attention. Early 80s pop icons Yazoo are reforming for a tour this summer, but in the meantime I commend Alison Moyet's torch song set Voice. The woman from Basildon sports a remarkably good French accent, and her cover of Elvis Costello's Almost Blue comes close to making forget all previous interpretations.

Last but not least, I went for two tracks by a new Yorkshire combo called One Night Only. Just For Tonight and You And Me were simply too catchy to resist, and you can even download acoustic versions if that's your noodle. Aces.

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MerseyMal said...

Always had a soft spot for Alison Moyet and have a few Yazoo and solo singles (her cover 'Love Letters' is one of my favourites) somewhere in the depths of my 250+ 12" singles collection.

At 37 years of age, I'm one of the elderly readers of your blog.

I don't download a huge amount of songs from iTunes, well not albums anyway. I'm still rather attached to having a disc in a jewel case with artwork, but do find it very handy for grabbing individual songs.