Monday, December 24, 2007

No snow on the drokkin' logo!

Christmas covers are something of a poison chalice for titles like iconic British science ficiton comic 2000 AD. It's never easy to strike the right balance between twisted imagination and twee festive frolics. Some years the editor ignores Christmas altogether, other times they embrace it too much and the result's an unsightly mess. Me, I always had an aversion to snow appearing on the logo, and would have preferred to concentrate on content over contrivance [call me Scrooge].

It's probably a consequence of growing up in New Zealand where Christmas came at the start of summer. British Christmas comics usually turned up three months after the fact, because they arrived on a slow boat [probably coming via China]. As a result, I read the Christmas issue round Easter, when efforts to embrace the festive spirit seemed bizarre and inane. All of which is a roundabout introductionn to my five favourite Christmas covers from 2000 AD's early years. Enjoy.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Yay my mate Rich Dolan did that bottom one, I always loved that piccy, I made a post about Rich on one of my Blogs a while back here