Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's not easy having a head the size of a planet

Got a new hat for Christmas but it's a tight fit, especially as I have a head the size of a planet. Honestly, my bonce is enormous. Even when I was 11 and a school trip took our class to an oil refinery [it was all glamour at my school], they couldn't find a hard hat big enough to fit on my head. So finding hats that fit is a real problem for me, let alone anyone trying to shop for me.

What else did I get? Books, CDs, DVDs and a selection of Kiwi provisions - peanut slabs, chocolate fish, and bottles of that great New Zealand delicacy L&P. All in all, a great haul and one that will keep me entertained, informed, and indulged for days, weeks and months to come. So here's a clip from NZ to illustrate the wonders of L&P and a bizarre fashion incident known as Stubbies.

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