Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Buy now to get Thrill-Power for Christmas!

Thanks to a glut of people buying the book as a Christmas present for their loved ones [or themselves], THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD has been surging back up the sales chart at Amazon.co.uk in the last week or two. Stocks of the first edition are running low and when that sells out, there won't be time left to reprint my mihty history of iconic British comic 2000 AD before the anuual present giving frenzy that is December 25th. So, if you want a copy or you know someone who used to read the galaxy's greatest comic, get your orders in quick to avoid disappointment.

Got back from places south late yesterday and have a full plate of projects to progress over the next few days so lengthy blog postings will just have to wait. Sorry, but deadlines come first. In the meantime, look outside your window and you might see the most amazing sunrise of pink and orange and black clouds [depending where you live]. It's like a Disney Princesses Tim Burton mash-up.

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Anonymous said...

I bought this a few months back David, actually had it sent over from the UK-postage was ridiculous!

Great book and as an old school fan absolutely loved it. I was surprised at the openness of some of the creators:Mills,Gibson and yourself included, however it made for a great read.

Did you have these interviews in a pub-to liquor these guys up or was the bitterness so backed up it just naturally spewed out?