Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Swash that buckle, me French hearties! Arrrrrr!

The mediaguardian website reports new dramas about pirates and the Three Musketeers are being developed to fill the gap when Doctor Who has a gap year in 2009. The time travelling adventurer has been a ratings winner for the BBC over the last three years, but will take a rest from production next summer, autumn and winter. Three specials will be made for broadcast in 2009, but that still leaves a yawning gap in the BBC's Saturday night schedule, especially as Doctor Who is appointment family viewing.

According to mediaguardian [registration required], the BBC itself is developing a family drama series based on the Dumas novel about swashbuckling adventurers in France, while top indie prodco Kudos is working on a show about pirates. [ITV is also looking to jump on the same Jolly Rodger, apparently.] The question is which show will make it to air [if any], and which will be made to walk the plank?

Twice in recent years the BBC has tried to craft a Saturday night drama from the Arthurian legends about Merlin the wizard, with nothing making it to screen. Tackling pirates is always going to be a challenge, as filming on water is notoriously difficult. Still, Kudos could do worse than look at a series called The Red Seas in 2000 AD - cracking good pirate fun with a supernatural twist. Juicy.

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Remember, folks - Sept 19th is National Speak Like a Pirate Day!