Friday, July 13, 2007

Can you feel the Thrills?

The website for independent literary magazine Dogmatika has posted an interview I did via email with co-editor Darran Anderson - read it here. It's part of the ongoing PR campaign for THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD, my mighty tome detailing the history of 2000 AD, the galaxy's greatest comic. Early reaction to the book has been enthusiastic, with already selling out of its stock once and already racing through a second batch. Readers on the 2000 AD message board have been trading tips of where to find copies for the best price. Me, I'm just happy the response has been so favourable, having poured so much time and effort into the book.

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MerseyMal said...

Pencilled this book on my calendar for my monthly book treat next month (this month I bought "Dalek I Loved You" by Nick Griffiths).

Also need to start getting the "Judge Dredd Case Complete Files" - if only so we can retrieve some floor space from my box of "(in)Complete Judge Dredd" magazines which will cheer my wife up to no end.