Thursday, July 12, 2007

And... we're back.

Back from That Fancy London. Had a blast, got to meet fellow bloggers like Danny, Lianne and Piers for the first time. Ninety minutes of wit and wisdom from Tony Jordan at the Royal Court. Upheld my personal motto: Live To Shop, Shop To Live [can anyone translate that into Latin for me?]. Generally had a blast and had all sorts of brainwaves for improvements to my final project in terms of its characters, what drives them and how to structure the episodes. Amazing how getting away from your computer screen can help you get a clearer vision of things. Tomorrow I'll blog my notes from the Tony Jordan session - very entertaining bloke, full of good advice.


Good Dog said...

Ago ut shop, shop vivo

Good Dog said...

Ago emo supellectilis, sumo supellectilis vivo

That's better.