Saturday, May 26, 2007

Swearing about the Royal Bank of Scotland

I'm about to swear about the Royal Bank of Scotland. A lot. All those of a sensitive disposition, look away now.

Move on to another post.

Nothing to see here.

You're still here? Okay, but this is your last chance. I'll even post this cute [but slightly creepy - what's with the glowing red nostrils?] picture of a fluffy kitten to give you time to look away...

The Royal Bank of Scotland sucks cocks in hell. It licks the sweat from a dead man's balls and turns that sweat into a cappucino foam that is piped on top of a steaming pile of yak turds. The Royal Bank of Scotland could die a thousand times and it wouldn't be enough for me right now. The RBS are WANNNNNNNNNNNNKERS.

As you may have surmised, I'm less than impressed with the RBS right now. The cause of my ire? that's simple enough. Here in the UK we have what's called a bank holiday on Monday. It does what you'd expect from the name, with banks and other financial institutiions closing for the day. Many offices and workplaces do the same. Time was, most everything was closed. These days? Not so much.

Come Tuesday, two direct debits are due to leave my bank account. Not today, not tomorrow and not on bank holiday Monday either. On fucking Tuesday. Not before.

In its infinite wisdom, the RBS has decided to sneakily deduct the money from my account today. Saturday. Three days early. Completely cleaning me out in the process, and unable to withdraw cash. Leaving me with the grand total of... [pauses to empties change from back pocket on to desk and count it] ...six pounds and seventy-five pence to last me until Tuesday. So I'm going to have beg money off my wife until then.

Thank you, Royal Bank of Scotland, for financially emasculating me.



Laura Anderson said...

dearie me.

PJ Holden said...

It's no consolation at all... but, having worked with direct debits what happens is that the money is transferred from one bank to another at 1 minute to midnight the previous banking day. So, if your DD was due out on the Tuesday in a normal week transaction would happen on Monday at 11:59 - but, as you've found, because of the bank holiday the previous banking day is actually the friday - so it came out on the friday at 11:59.

For a wage slave like me this can, sometimes work in my favour, as my wages are often available to me over the weekend when they're not actually due until the monday.

Again, no consolation. Sorry :(

aow0526 said...

Good to know banks absolutely blow across the Atlantic too. Here in the US whenever I've had a fair amount of money deposited (sale of a house, etc)the banks will always hold that money for 2 or 3 business days. Pisses me off because it could have come from another bank, financial lender, etc and not from a private citizen or other source where I'd expect some type of caution. Just another way to earn interest for a couple of days.

Haven't been caught the other way except as normal course of transactions and the account looking mighty empty. Good luck getting through the weekend:)

Chris Weston said...

Blimey, Dave! And I'm the one with the reputation for ranting!