Thursday, May 31, 2007

Research dossier - get in!

I've just submitted the online version of my research dossier: 21,830 words spread over 105 double-spaced pages. All that remains is to hand in a hard copy of the dossier to the administration office at Screen Academy Scotland tomorrow. That's got an extra five pages of photographs and sketches, but is otherwise exactly the same as the dossier I've just submitted online. No idea if what I've done is any good, but I think it ticks all the necessary boxes to secure a passing grade for the module. I got a P5 for my research agenda back in March [and does that seem a loooooong time ago now], so hopefully this will achieve the necessary for me.


Now, back to rewriting Taking Liberties, giving Danny's Toys a last polish and various other bits and bobs.


Lucy said...

21,000 words?? You are clearly a masochist sir. Now I remember why I didn't do an MA!!!

If you don't mind me high-jacking your blog a sec - does anyone fancy a Power of 3? Tis only 11 pages' worth. You know you want to. This way my pretties...

Pubteam said...

West Ham were singing I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles on the terraces at Upton Park in the early 1920's.

Way before it ever appeared as the background track in an episode of the Sopranos.

Hope it helps

Andy aka Pubteam