Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Super Sleuths: Inspector Morse on ITV3 tonight

Back in July I schlepped all the way to Durham and back to be interviewed for a documentary about Inspector Morse, being made by Free @ Last TV. Well, the programme is getting its premiere broadcast on ITV3 tonight, with plans afoot to repeat it on ITV1 at some point early in 2007, possibly as a lead-in to the next helpings of the Lewis spin-off. [Below is the Radio Times website listing.]
Documentary: Super Sleuths
9:00pm - 10:00pm • ITV3
VIDEO Plus+: 1189316
2/6 - Inspector Morse
A celebration of literary detectives. This edition tells the story from page to small screen of Colin Dexter's Inpsector Morse. With contributions from the author himself, who talks about the importance of the music and of the Oxford setting, as well as the decision to kill of the main character, and from former cast members and the original production team. Narrated by Sean Pertwee.

I've no idea if my pieces to camera will have made it into the finished show or are gracing a cutting room floor somewhere in Soho, but be warned - watch this programme and you may see my ugly mug on your TV. Since I don't have a satellite dish and where I live features cable or Freeview, I won't be able to watch the show when it's broadcast. However, an acquaintance has kindly offered to record it for me, so fingers crossed I will get to see the finished version sooner, rather than later.

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