Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stories My Mother Never Told Me

Another part-timer on my MA Screenwriting course at Screen Academy Scotland in Edinburgh has decloaked and started their own blog. The mysterious MJ is a first-year part-timer and I'm a second-year part-timer, so we may never meet - year 1 PT students have classes only on Thursdays, year 2 PT students only on Fridays.

You'd think Napier would organise some sort of mixer so we could meet our Thursday counterparts, but no. When the department did throw a social function, it forget to invite the Year 2 PT screenwriting students. Great way to welcome us back, huh?

Anyways, enough bitching, pissing and moaning from me. Enjoying MJ's blog, they read like my kind of writer. And anyone uses Bladerunner as their default answer to what's your favourite film wins my vote. So, check out Stories My Mother Never Told Me.

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MJ said...

apologies for the x-men type comment - I was being unintentionally mysterious! Off to seek out some more secret Napier bloggers (already found one other through yours).