Sunday, September 10, 2006

Vanity, thy name is Googlism

When boredom strikes, I use the Sitemeter facility on this blog to see how people stumble across Vicious Imagery. This led me to Googlism, a device whereby you can discover what Google finds about you on the internet. This is more than a mere Google search, but a way to find distilled comments about you online. Well, who could resist having their ego massaged? Not me, I have to admit. [Hey, I'm shallow - like you've never googled your own name, right?] Anyways, here are 15 statements supposedly about me from Googlism, of which at least five are true - but which five? You be the judge...
david bishop is a freelance media journalist and author
david bishop is president of waccamaw corp
david bishop is away on business
david bishop is a partner with gowlings in their calgary office
david bishop is no longer on our christmas card list
david bishop is a 1984 graduate of the university of south alabama
david bishop is no exception
david bishop is buried at bethel church cemetery in montgomery county
david bishop is expected to be released in june
david bishop is the owner of tcby & pretzel time in the coral ridge mall
david bishop is contactable by email
david bishop is leaving
david bishop is the author of the infamous "who killed kennedy" novel
david bishop is back in the fray with a stiff kick to the side of vegas' head
david bishop is proud to have introduced a new anticrime initiative to suffolk county
Have some fun, plug your own name into Googlism and see what weirdness you discover!


Doomsayer said...

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about michael molcher yet.


AndrewT said...

Andrew Tibbs is a blues player who's been dead but sang a song about Bilbo Baggins...

Laura said...

Acht, it had loads of things for my name but nothing pertaining to me :(

Slightly disappointing, in a way.