Friday, September 08, 2006

Scottish water torture

Woke up with a headache, always the perfect start to the day. I wouldn't mind so much if I had a hangover, but I haven't touched alcohol since Wednesday. Can't decide if the cause if a sinus infection or grinding my teeth in the night, both of which could be the culprit. Taken some paracetamol, but the headache's still there at the back of temples, screaming for attention. Bastard.

Had a tap dripping in the bathroom for over a year. Should have got it fixed long ago, but trying to find a plumber who'll come out to fix a tap makes the labour of Sisyphus seem like a little light work in a garden rockery. Now the tap has decided it will not be shut off, even if you apply enough torque to keep the shuttle in orbit. Bastard.

Need to write at least 6000 words today and am here instead, blogging and procrastinating. Why can't I get on with work? Bastard.

As you may have surmised, I'm not in a happy place right now.

UPDATE: Plumber has just been and gone, construction next door has paused for lunch and the living is that little bit easier. The bill came to £81.66, but frankly it was the best £81.66 I've spent for a long, long time. Hurray for the sounds of frickin' silence, as Nicholas Cage once said - in Con Air, I think. Now, hopefully, maybe, finally, I can get some damned work done today.

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Anonymous said...

David, actually it's not that hard to fix a dripping tap yourself. But squeezing it tight shut is just going to damage it and mean you need a whole new tap. Go and buy something like the Collins DIY manual which will contain big pictures of how to take it apart and how it fits together. That'll cost you 20 quid plus maybe a quid for a pack of replacement tap washers / rubber grommits or whatever from a DIY shop. A lot cheaper than a plumber. Just remember to switch the water off before you start.

I'm not a super-practical guy myself, by the way, but this is a task I've learned to do through necessity and I was pleasantly surprised how difficult it wasn't.

I love your blog by the way. Read it every day!