Friday, September 15, 2006

Online sketchbooks a-go-go

Loving the new trend for comics artists to use blogs as an online sketchbook. It's a natural extension of the writers' tendency to treat blogs as online journals, places to unload the cares and frustrations of the day, while also offering a few peeks at upcoming creative efforts. So, today's recommendation is Dylan Teague's Drawing Board. Dylan is a wonderful artist from Wales whose pace of production has prevented him becoming as well recognised as he deserves to be.

His work is usually polished to a finish that challenges Brian Bolland for excellence. Of course, the downside of that approach is you don't output a lot of work. The good news for fans of Dylan's art is that he's using his blog as a motivational tool, putting up sketches and unpolished pieces, pushing himself to loosen up his style. Gotta say, I'm loving the results, as shown in the Batman piece above.

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Dylan said...

Thanks David! Glad you're liking the pics.