Thursday, September 14, 2006

Coming soon: ...and Company

Well, it's official: Sarah Jane Smith is getting her own TV series. The Sarah Jane Adventures is being created for CBBC and begins with a 60-minute special, written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts. That's due for broadcast early in 2007, with SJS teaming up with her 13-year-old neighbour Maria [played by Yasmin Paige] to battle the scheming Ms Wormwood [Samantha Bond]. Filming of the special begins next month on location in Wales, while a series will go into production during spring 2007 for broadcast later next year.

Sarah Jane's faithful robot dog K-9 will make an appearance in the special according to the official BBC press release, but the tin mutt won't be in the following series. The new shows will be transmitted on the CBBC Channel, and in the CBBC segments on BBC 1. So, 25 years after SJS got her first spin-off, K-9 and Company, she's going to get another. Only this time it's effectively ...and Company - I guess the K-9 series planned for digital channel Jetix stopped him being a regular in the CBBC series. Nevertheless, congratulations to Elisabeth Sladen and good luck to everyone involved with The Sarah Jane Adventures. I can't wait to see the results.


Rob Spalding said...

Why don't you try to get a gig on that show?
You've already written SJS adventures for radio, that could be a way to get your foot in the door.

SarahjaneX said...

I had the same feeling too as well! Maybe you should use your influence to write some wonderful stuff you did in the SJS Audios series.