Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You mean somebody's reading this?

Every day I've got a long list of websites, blogs and internet pages I like to visit. Among them is the Writers' Guild of Great Britain blog, which I've recommended previously. Today, when I had my usual peak at the WGGB blog, I discovered somebody there's been reading my blog and has used a recent posting as the basis for an entry there. Now I'm blogging about them blogging about me blogging about - argh, I'm trapped in an infinite recursion occlusion. Or something. Freaky.

Now, the classic writer's dilemma: start a 5000 word short story due tomorrow; mow the lawn before it's declared a national park, complete with search and rescue team; or have a bath.


Lawn first, then the bath. Let's face it, I've got all day tomorrow to write the story.


apprentice said...

Well it could rain again, so I'd cut the lawn. I take it you sort of know what you want to write, it's just a matter of consigning it to paper/pc?

You have good taste in templates BTW.

It's muggy and damp here, which is why I'm not cutting my grass. No water shortage here, but no sun either.

Laura said...

That's a good "blog nod"!

I love the fact that anyone could be reading your blog...