Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What's on my desk?

Ever noticed all the things you keep on your desk? Ever wondered why some of there are still there? I've just down a 55-second stocktake and this is what I found...

My iMac G5 and its paraphenalia.

The phone.

Two hole punchers.

Box of used mini-discs from past interviews.

A stapler with a sticker of the Tellytubbie Po on it [a leftover from my days as an office drone, when all useful gear had a tendency to go walkabout - nobody ever dared steal Po].

Parcel tape and sellotape.

Playing cards.

Business cards I've been given, in a handy plastic business card box.

Cheque book.

Paying in card for council tax.

Old cheque book of stubs.

Local bus timetable.

16-year-old Filofax.

Seven different notebooks.

A ruler.

Three 2000 AD Micro-Gudies from 1992.

Two old desk diaries.

A plastic ruler.

My wallet.

Two pen tidies full of pens, highlighter pens, nail clippers, scissors, box cutters and pencils.

A digital camera.

Two boxes of two-piece metal file clips.

A pile of blank index cards for plotting.

A boxed scale model of Inspector Morse's Jaguar car.

Two pads of square, yellow post-it notes.

Old receipts from cash machines.

My business cards.

My coffee mug.

Interview transcripts.

Most interesting for me are the random notes or thoughts I've scribbled on to post-its and then stuck round the sides of my computer screen for later reference. Some are ideas for stories, some merely springboards, others defy easy description or explanation:-
quantum: an amount or quantity, esp. a specific amount
my American Express bill for this month, and when it's coming out of my bank account
the name of the new Doctor Who companion
alchemy: "the esoteric brotherhood"
fits and starts
"there are no little secrets"
psychopath who killed his twin in the womb
Snow Patrol
tatterdemalion - a person dressed in tattered clothes
Good plays: Laughing Stock; Women of Lockerbie

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