Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Approaching milestones, busy working

Here's a frightening thought: I'm fast approaching my 300th posting on this blog is less than a year. Guess that once a day habit has turned into something else, something more... addictive. Sigh. Being a writer, you need to be a little in love with the sound of your own thoughts and sometimes they need an outlet - hence this place.

Vicious Imagery will be welcoming its 10,000th visitor in the next week, judging by the pace of visitations in recent times. Not sure who they'll be but thanks for dropping by, one and all.

Happily, I finally managed to make a start on writing THRILL-POWER OVERLOAD yesterday. I'm not sure which is easier: writing a non-fiction tome from scratch, or revising an existing work by trying to incorporate vast swathes of new material. Actually, nothing's easy when it comes to non-fiction. With fiction, you can literally make things up as you go along. For some reason people expect non-fiction to be accurate and truthful, or at least a balanced representation of memory and opinion.

I've got a long way to go on the TPO tome, but it's great to have made a start after weeks of preparation and procrastination. I've secured interviews with several creators who eluded me when I was researching and writing TPO as a series of articles for the Judge Dredd Megazine. Peter Milligan finally found time in his fiendishly busy schedule to answer my questions. Paul Kupperberg send me some helpful thoughts about his sole contribution to 2000 AD, an early 90s series called Trash. And Hilary Robinson gave me one of her first ever interviews about working for the Galaxy's Greatest Comic. All good stuff and all worthy additions to the narrative.

So, if it seems a little quiet here over the next few days, hopefully that's because I'm hard at work on the opening chapters of my magnificent octopus. Wish me luck!

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