Thursday, July 20, 2006

Princess Kudos Objectives go Wall to Wall?

Broadcast has an interesting article about the likelihood of mergers and/or acquisitions involving four rising stars among British TV's independent programme makers. The companies in play are: Kudos [makes of Life on Mars, Hustle, etc]; Princess [The Friday Night Project, The Wright Stuff]; Objective [Dirty Tricks, Peep Show]; and Wall to Wall [New Tricks, Who Do You Think You Are]. One or more of the companies will probably be swallowed by a super-indie before the end of the year, it seems. Alternatively, the quartet might band together under one umbrella, enabling them to attract greater capitalisation from outside sources than they would standing alone. The four companies had a collective turnover of more than £75 million last year, with Kudos the strongest of the bunch. Interesting times lay ahead for them all.

Then there's the fallout from the BBC's latest organisational upheaval, creating a handful of super-commissioners with much broader remits than commissioners had before. Will this streamline the process of getting green lights for new shows, or make the process even more cumbersome than before? One certainty is that personal relationships with the people holding the pursestrings at the Beeb will become even more crucial than before. Here's a diagram of the new structure, designed to make everything simple and obvious:

See? That's much clearer, isn't it?

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Doomsayer said...

I like the fact that not only is marketing and communications more central than journalism, but that journalism is coloured red, as if it's either infected with something or is blushing with deep embarrassment. Also, everything seems to be embedded in 'new technology', which means more VJs (video jockeys) and more producers!


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