Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's official: Veronica Mars gets a third season

Let joy be unconfined - new US network the CW [created by the merger of the WB and UPN networks] has confirmed Veronica Mars will be getting a third season. Hurrah! Now I have to get back to my Keynote presentation for college tomorrow...

That is all.


Lee said...

This news has made my day. Rob Thomas is an evil mastermind. Now if only he could figure out a way to get Cupid on DVD...

Scottish Action on Climate Change said...

Hi David.
Having spent some time here on Blogger looking for other 'Biggar' related pages , i managed to stumble across your blog - which was useful as I was wishing to thank yourself and Hazel very much for the lovely gift (will be enjoyed this weekend!) The show was a real success and a lot of fun to be involved in. Hope everyone else feels the same!
Have just had a quick look at the Guy Goma vid - dont think i've laughed so hard in a long time - his expression at the start is priceless!
Speak to you soon
Dunc (the drummer!)

Rob Spalding said...

Love this show, can't wait for the third season.

Apparently "Brick" is something all VM fans should see.