Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blimey! Thursdays at 9pm on US TV - what to watch?

Blimey! Earlier this week NBC announced it was putting the new Aaron Sorkin show Studio 60 at the Sunset Strip in the 9pm on Thursday nights this autumn. Now ABC has said its putting the immensely popular sudsy medical drama Grey's Anatomy in the same time slot. What else tends to be broadcast at the same time on the same day? Only one of America's most popular dramas, CSI. There'll be blood in the water before Christmas, mark my words.

If you want a sneak preview of the new Sorkin show, click the headline above and it should take you to an online transcript of the pilot in draft form. Compare that with the trailer on YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jayIdnWdqLQ&search=studio%2060] and you'll see just how much of the draft has made it into the final show. [Thanks to JC for the tip-off about the transcript - much obliged!]

Thank Grud I don't live in America, as I wouldn't know which show to watch and which one to record [and which one to ignore]. I got hooked on Grey's Anatomy thanks to the wonders of DVD boxed sets, CSI is always good viewing and I can't wait for Sorkin to get back in the game. Decisions, decisions...

Meanwhile, can the CW hurry up and renew Veroncia Mars, already? Rumour has it the show will opt for three separate, intertwining mysteries next time, rather than the huge, over-reaching MacGuffin-fest of its first two seasons. That'll give more people a chance to get on board, but it didn't help the likes of Murder One survive back in the day. But Veronica Mars brings the funny a lot more than Murder One ever did, and it's got the whole youth demographic going on too. Fingers crossed for the Mars girl.

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